PTron vs Boat | Which is Better PTron or Boat ?

PTron vs BoAt, Which is Better Of These Two Brands ? Many People Are Confused About These Brands.

But Why We Choose PTron vs BoAt ? Why Not Choose Other Brands?

Because, both these brands are Hold their own very Big and Trusted Audience. These brands come on top Especially in Earbuds and Bluetooth Earphones.

So you are confused which of the two brands is good, then we are going to give you the answer. So let’s know PTron vs BoAt Full Comparison.

Information About PTron

PTron vs BoAt

PTron is an audio accessories company. The Headquarter of this Company is located in Hyderabad, Telangana. PTron was founded in the year 2014 by Ameen Khwaja, The Founder of Palred Electronics.

PTron company has built a good audience network in the last few years, because this company has treated its customers transparently.

Many people will have a question that PTron is Indian company? The Answer Is Yes. But according to the agreement with a Chinese company, the PTron imports all the components in its product from China.

PTron sells its products at such a low price as if it is a Chinese company, but PTron is a Indian company. We hope that you have got all the information related to PTron.

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Is PTron a good Company?

Friends, Even today, if you search for the Best Earbuds under 2000, then out of 10, 2-3 earbuds will come out of PTron. Because PTron has made a very good image of itself in the field of audio accessories.

Let us tell you that PTron has become such a popular Brand in just 8 years that today it can stand in competition with big companies.

But one question remained that, Is PTron a good Company? So tell that PTron is Really a Very Good Brand. But we told that so do not think that every product of PTron is great, there are some products which we should not use.

Information About BoAt

PTron vs BoAt

BoAt is One of the Biggest Audio Hearable Brand In India. In 2022, BoAt is a No. 1 Brand In Earphones Market. BoAt Sells 25.7% Products in Indian EarWear Market.

BoAt sells an average of 15000–17000 units every day, which is a shocking figure.

BoAt company was started in the year 2016 By Sameer Mehta and Aman Gupta. BoAt sells Bluetooth Earphones, Earbuds, Headphones, Speakers, Cables and Watches in the market.

As we told you about the PTron, so does the boAt. It also imports all its components from China.

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Is BoAt a Good Brand?

BoAt makes each of its products of very good quality, so that it is liked by every user. Due to this thing of boAt, the trust in its people is increasing. And it is this quality of boAt that has made it so successful.

If you have a question that Is BoAt a Good Brand? So the answer is yes. Because, boAt maintains the quality of all its products and always takes care of its customers.

BoAt has been started in just 6 years and in these 6 years boAt has reached a great Milestone and become India’s no.1 EarWear brand.

If you have Trust in boAt’s product and want to buy boAt’s product then you can checkout below.

PTron vs BoAt : Which is Better ?

Both the brands are very good, but which one is better? Which one gives good sound quality and better experience in low budget? Let’s know.

It is not too difficult to tell, If you want the right product in less money then PTron is very good for you.

Because PTron makes products with very attractive and great features, that too for very little money.

But if you want great sound quality and audio experience then you should definitely go with boAt. Because in this case the boat is much better than PTron. And because of this quality, BoAt India’s no. 1 Hearable brand.

If you are still confused and you want to know our opinion, then we recommend BoAt.

Because, the sound quality and audio experience of boAt is amazing. In this, the boAt is much better than the PTron, that is why we have chosen the boAt.


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BoAt vs PTron : Which Should You Buy

As we told you that both the brands are great in their own right, but we have to choose only one of the two.

It is very difficult to decide which of the two brands is better. That’s why we will compare two latest Bluetooth earphones from both the brands,

so that we can find out which of the two is better.

And we will choose both the bluetooth earphones under 1000 Rs, so that there is no problem in the comparison.

We have chosen Bluetooth earphones, because Bluetooth earphones are the first choice of everyone today. It is quite easy and comfortable to use, which is the reason for choosing Bluetooth earphones.

PTron vs BoAt : Latest BoAt Bluetooth Earphones

First of all, we will talk about the Latest BoAt Bluetooth Earphones.

1. BoAt Rockerz 255 Pro

Model NameRockerz 255 Pro
Form FactorIn Ear
Battery110 mAh
Battery Life10 Hours
Weight26 g
BT Versionv5.0
IP RatingIPX5
PriceCheck Here

Talking about the BoAt Rockerz 255 Pro, it is a very good Earphone under 1000 Rs. Because this earphone has many features that will compel you to buy it.

BoAt Rockerz 255 Pro is powered by a 110 mAh battery that lasts for about 10 hours on a single charge, along with fast charging that gives 4 hours of playback charge in just 20 minutes. It takes maximum 1.5 hours for full charge.

You will be able to drive this earphone up to 10 meters away from any device. The BoAt Rockerz 255 Pro is rated IPX5, Meaning this earphone is water and sweat resistance.

And the special thing is that Google Assistant and Siri are already integrated in BoAt Rockerz 255 Pro.

2. BoAt Rockerz 245V2

Model NameRockerz 245V2
Form FactorIn Ear
Battery100 mAh
Battery Life8 Hours
Weight60 g
BT Versionv5.0
IP RatingIPX5
PriceCheck Here

This is BoAt Rockerz 245V2 Bluetooth Earphones. Talking about the features of this earphone, a driver of 12MM has been given in it.

This earphone has a single press voice assistant, which is provided with Google Assistant and Siri.

BoAt Rockerz 245V2 is powered by a 100 mAh battery that can last up to 8 hours. ASAP fast charging has also been given in this earphone, Which charges about 4 hours in just 20 minutes.

Bluetooth version 5.0 has been given in BoAt Rockerz 245V2 which works even from a distance of 10 meters. This is A One of The Best Bluetooth Earphone Under 1000.

PTron vs BoAt : Latest PTron Bluetooth Earphones 

Now Time To View PTron’s Bluetooth Earphones.

1. PTron Tangent Plus v2

Model NameTangent Plus V2
Form FactorIn Ear
Battery220 mAh
Battery Life18 Hours
Weight26 g
BT Versionv5.0
IP RatingIPX4
PriceCheck Here

This is PTron Tangent Plus VE Bluetooth Earphone. Looking at the features of this Bluetooth earphone, it has a very good battery, which comes with 220 mAh and lasts for about 18 hours.

Bluetooth version 5.0 has been given in this earphone and its IP rating is also IPX4. Along with this, 10 MM driver is present in PTron Tangent Plus V2.

Fast charging has been given in this earphone with Type-C port which charges the earphones in just 1 hour. You can also control this earphone with Google Assistant and Siri.

Despite having such a big battery, the weight of PTron Tangent Plus V2 is only 26 grams. This earphone connects to mobiles, tablets and laptops from a distance of 10 meters.

2. PTron Tangent Pro ENC

Model NameTangent Pro
Form FactorIn Ear
Battery200 mAh
Battery Life20 Hours
Weight25 g
BT Versionv5.2
IP RatingIPX4
PriceCheck Price

This is PTron’s PTron Tangent Pro Bluetooth Earphone. This is a very beautiful and attractive earphone, which comes with great features. It has a 200 mAh battery with 20 hours of playtime.

The latest Bluetooth version 5.2 has been given in this earphone, this Bluetooth version works very well. The PTron Tangent Pro features passive voice cancellation, Due to which all passive noise and dusty noise are cancelled.

This Bluetooth earphone also weighs only 25 grams, which is very light. You can also control this earphone from a mobile, laptop or tablet from a distance of 10 meters.

This earphone supports fast charging with Type-C port, Which charges the entire earphone in just 1.5 hours.

PTron vs BoAt : Final Verdict

PTron vs BoAt, BoAt vs PTron

Friends, we have told you BoAt vs PTron Full Comparison, now we will tell you which of the two is the best. So let’s go.

If your budget is less, means Rs 600–700 then you should go with PTron. But if your budget is a bit good means 1000 Rs, then you should go with BoAt.

Because no other company gives sound quality like boAt, especially in the budget of 1000 rs. The PTron has more battery capacity but BoAt has some good and latest features.

So you must have come to know that who is better between PTron and boAt. Of course boAt is better as it provides good quality.

PTron vs BoAt : FAQs

Is PTron a Good Brand?

PTron is A Very Good Company, Because it provides the best products in the least amount of money. And the products of PTron are also of very good quality.

Is PTron Better Than BoAt?

PTron is certainly a great brand, but it is no better than boAt. Because as we told you that no other brand gives quality like BoAt in a low budget.

Not even PTron. That’s why most people trust BoAt, because they make great products.

Is PTron a Trustable Brand?

Ptron is a very trustable brand as it has been selling good quality products to the customers since 2014. And at the same time PTron has got a good audience.

We hope that you have liked our PTron vs BoAt Full Comparison, if you liked it, then comment and share it as much as possible so that this information can reach the people. Thank you !!

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